Recipes for online privacy from Firefox

Gabriela Ivens


Data Leeks was inspired when Gabriela received a leaked recipe in her email inbox, and she used her data investigation skills to locate other recipes in leaked emails. While she is not a great cook, Gabriela has cooked nearly all of the recipes she has found — hundreds of them — over the course of this year.

When she is not cooking found recipes, Gabriela works as an open source investigator, finding and preserving publicly available information of human rights violations. A host of ethical dilemmas come with working with this private, yet publicly available, information, and Gabriela works on Data Leeks to explore this. She is passionate about working on ideas that highlight complex issues in simple, familiar yet surprising ways.

Gabriela studied and has worked in the field of human rights for the last ten years and writes on ethics and privacy, contributing chapters for various human rights practitioner publications. She hopes that something as innocuous as a recipe can serve as a way to think about the privacy of yourself and those around you.